Community Assistance

ETEDA provides resources and expertise that significantly enhance the economic development efforts in the region.  We work closely with the local communities in the 15-county area to provide customized community development assistance, offering a broad range of demographic resources and support material.

  • Utilize comprehensive databases to provide customized support materials for specific projects including the most current data on:
    • workforce
    • education
    • target industry 
    • proximity, radius and location maps
  • Provide research for communities preparing grant requests and back-up research for relocation and expansion requests.
  • Maintain accurate and thorough data on all available sites/buildings in each of the fifteen counties.
  • Provide annual report of regional industry trends data to communities and developers including prospect information on:
    • number of requests for buildings
    • building size and ceiling height
    • number of actual projects
    • types of industry considering the region.
  • Host training opportunities throughout the year for local economic developers using subject matter experts.
  • Provide a forum to discuss common issues.
  • Promote the virtual building concept as a means to offer product to prospects.