Life Science and Medical Device Companies


Company  County Number of employees Service
DeRoyal Industries Knox  785 Medical device manufacturing
Siemens Healthcare  Knox 502 Clinical imaging, preclinical and biomarker solutions
DWK Life Sciences Roane  360 Manufacturer of laboratory and scientific glassware 
Scapa Healthcare Knox 200 Medical device converting, adhesive dressings
Albahealth Roane  170 Fall and wound management products
ProNova Solutions Knox 95 Proton therapy treatment systems
Molecular Pathology Laboratory Network Inc. Blount 68 Molecular diagnostics and anatomic pathology 
ChoiceSpine Knox 64 Manufacture and distribution of spinal products 
East Tennessee Clinical Research Roane  25 Veterinary pharmaceutical development 
BioPet Vet Lab Knox 22 DNA testing and patented technologies for dogs and livestock
Materials and Chemistry Laboratory Anderson 20 Commercial applied research company
Genera Energy Monroe 15 Integrated biomass feedstock supply chain solutions, energy crop production
Microbial Insights Knox  15 Environmental remediation, microbial induced corrosion, microbial source tracking
Daxor Corp. Anderson 15 Medical device & pharmaceutical manufacturer
Assured Bio Labs Anderson 12 Microbial detection, DNA probes, indoor air quality, quantitative PCR, fluorescent spectroscopy, microscopy
Arkis BioSciences Knox 11 Surgical tools and implantables
490 BioTech Knox 8 Biomedical imaging, custom-designed human cell lines for improved drug testing and disease management
EDP Biotech Knox 5 Colorectal cancer diagnostics and medical devices
Phenotype Screening Corp. Knox 4 Plant root imaging services, X-ray equipment for plant root imaging, plant growth trials, nematode resistance screening
Prisma Renewable Composites Knox 4 Biomass fractionation technologies and processes
Provectus Biopharmaceuticals Knox 4 Pharmaceuticals aimed at treating cancer (melanoma, liver, breast) and skin diseases

Source: Book of Lists, community websites 2020