Technology Companies

Company  County Number of employees Service
Siemens Healthcare  Knox 573 Clinical imaging, preclinical and biomarker solutions
DeRoyal Industries Knox  500 Medical device manufacturing
Radio Systems Corp. Knox 447 Pet products: PetSafe, Invisible Fence Brand, SportDOG
Bandit Lites Knox 250 LED lighting fixtures for the entertainment industry
Protomet Anderson 205 Products developed specifically for the marine industry 
AESSEAL Inc. Blount 200 Design, manufacture of mechanical seals and seal support systems
Aqua-Chem Knox 150 Water purification technologies
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Knox 142 Technology solutions that enable the transformation of power systems to be more flexible, resilient and connected.
PerfectServe Knox 140 Unified communications platform that connects clinicians in any care setting
Emerson Automation Solutions-Reliability Solutions Knox 135 Development of software/hardware products for predictive/protective maintenance and vibration analysis equipment
Fulton Bellows Knox 115 Hydro formed metal bellows and welded assemblies; thermostatic actuators and diaphragms
Centrus Technical Solutions Anderson 105 Provides technical solutions for the engineering, development, prototyping and manufacturing of complex engineered products
Uster Technologies Knox 100 Design, manufacture, install precision measuring instruments used for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry
ProNova Solutions Knox 100 Proton therapy treatment systems
Analysis and Measurement Services Corp. (AMS) Knox 100 Qualifying the instrumentation and control systems of nuclear power plants through laboratory and in-plant testing services and specialized testing equipment and advanced monitoring technologies
Vacuum Technology Incorporated (VTI) Anderson 72 Calibrated Leaks and vacuum leak testing systems 
Cryomagnetics Anderson 65 Design and development of superconducting magnets, cryogenic systems, control electronics
Technology for Energy Corp. Knox 63 Aircraft and helicopter on-the-wing ground support equipment, equipment for electric power metering, power quality, revenue protection of the electric power industry, monitoring equipment for nuclear power plants, X-ray diffraction analyzers 
Perceptics Knox 62 Automatic license plate readers and other vehicle recognition equipment
GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. Knox 55 Traffic management system deploying proprietary technology and software.
MS Technology Anderson 53 Microwave industrial heating equipment including metal melting/casting furnaces and fluidized bed heat treating equipment
Northrop Grumman Remotec Anderson 53 Manufactures mobile robotic systems for inspecting and defusing explosives and other hazardous duty operations
Proton Power Loudon 53 Manufactures a patented renewable energy system that utilizes renewable biomass and waste sources to generate electricity, heat, synthetic fuels, hydrogen

Source:  Book of Lists, community websites 2022