Topgolf is coming to Farragut

Officials with the town of Farragut confirmed that Topgolf, a global chain of driving range attractions, is coming to town.

When it’s coming still isn’t confirmed, but where – definitely is.

The new Topgolf attraction will be located off of Outlet Drive near Interstate 40.

The company has been eyeing a location in East Tennessee since December 2017. Farragut’s public relations and marketing team said back in June that Topgolf was interested in a piece of land off Outlet Drive between the Campbell Station and Lovell Road exits.

“They try to choose the Topgolf based on the area. You’ll probably see a lot of the decorations inside will be UT oriented, probably some Farragut High School as well,” said Farragut Mayor Ron Williams.

Williams said he helped lobby for Topgolf to come to the area as part of the Smart Growth Program. He says he’s hopeful Topgolf will be a magnet for other businesses.

“It’s a big facility, it’ll be right on the side of the freeway. That’s what they wanted. So people can see it, regardless of which direction they’re going and they’ll be able to get off on that exit,” said Williams.

Williams said while looking for locations, Topgolf was looking for four areas to be met: interstate visibility, location between two exits, near a large shopping area, and near hotels.

The timeline isn’t set, but the town of Farragut is working on it.

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams spoke about the future arrival of Topgolf:

    “It’s been a lot of hard work to make it happen, from the top to the bottom. But it will be great. From what we’ve seen in other cities, it will be a magnet for other businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and other entertainment venues.”

Williams said the next steps include reviewing a site plan in October, which would outline other businesses interested in the area, as well as placement of Topgolf.

The grading permits, which allow bulldozers to start leveling the land, have already been approved. Work could start as early as Fall, Williams says.

The closest Topgolf locations to East Tennessee are Greenville, S.C., Nashville and Atlanta.

Source: WATE

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Published September 20, 2019