Red Stag Fulfillment to create 3,500 new jobs in Sweetwater

Thousands of new jobs are coming to Sweetwater as Red Stag Fulfillment is building a new location in the city. The company operates fulfillment warehouses for storing, and shipping packages.

This project is a $300 million investment that’s supposed to bring over 3,500 jobs into the Sweetwater community.

“This project was born in 2020 as a branch out and vision of mg and we broke ground last summer with the site work and then I actually started moving construction last fall so will open up in September of this year in phase 1 and continue rolling until 2023,” said Dusty Holcomb, CEO of Red Stag.

Not only is Sweetwater gaining a big business, but the mayor expects that job opportunities will bring in more people to the community.

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“It’s bringing in subdivisions. We’re already hiring people to subdivide subdivisions. It’s not only great for the people in Sweetwater, for the tax base for Monroe County as well Sweetwater and it’s a win-win for Sweetwater,” said Mayor Doyle Lowe.

With more people, comes more tax revenue.

“It’s going to bring about $1,500,000 just in property taxes alone to the City of Sweetwater,” said the mayor.

Governor Bill Lee made a stop at the groundbreaking Wednesday. He spoke about the opportunity for growth in East Tennessee and his push for vocational education programs ​across the state.

“These skilled workers out here are few and far between and our education system hasn’t been designed to create more and more of those skilled workers that we so desperately need but we’re going to change that,” said Lee.

The mayor of Sweetwater is looking forward to the future of his community. The first phase of the project is scheduled to wrap up in September.

Source: WATE, by: Kristen Gallant

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Published May 5, 2022