Knoxville ranked among best summer travel destinations

Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis ranked among the top 100 cities in the country, according to a report by WalletHub.

A new report shows the best cities to travel to for the summer, and several Tennessee cities, including Knoxville, made the cut.

In a report by WalletHub, travel costs, attractions, weather, activities, safety, and local costs were analyzed for 100 U.S. cities to determine which reigned supreme for summer travel in 2023. The report focused on each city’s affordability and the cost and convenience of travel when determining its rankings.

In the report, Knoxville ranked the highest of the four and secured the 31st spot on the list. Memphis ranked 76th, Chattanooga ranked 51st and Nashville ranked 49th overall.

Atlanta took the number one spot, earning a total score of nearly 67 out of a perfect 100. Oxnard and surrounding areas in California took the 100th spot with an average score of 35.

Looking for the best attractions? Los Angeles and New York City ranked number one and two. Looking to travel far but not spend the money? Santa Rosa took the top spot for the cheapest travel costs.

Tennessee natives looking for sunshine can look no further than their backyard. Nashville ranked 6th overall for the best weather among the 100 cities listed.

Source: WVLT, By Carmyn Gutierrez

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Published May 24, 2023