TVA Electric Utility Benefits

As a potential employer in the Tennessee Valley, a company may be eligible for several programs that can benefit its operations, electric service, operating costs and bottom line.  Potential benefits from the programs are based on the number of jobs created, capital investment, average wage and electric use characteristics of the project.

Power Rates and Reliability

TVA and the distributors of TVA power are known for excellent reliability and competitively priced electric rates.  A well-diversified system of fossil, nuclear, hydro and renewable energy sources keeps power flowing through more than 17,000 miles of transmission line serving over 9 million residents in an 80,000-square-mile area.

TVA and its distributor customers offer some of the lowest electricity rates in the nation, complemented by attractive pricing programs and rate credits.  Rates fall well below the national averages.


  • While keeping rates competitive, TVA has maintained its world-class transmission reliability with a 99.999% reliability for 17 years in a row, beginning in 2000.
  • The TVA transmission system is one of the largest in North America.  TVA's transmission system has interconnections with 13 neighboring electric systems, and delivered more than 176 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to its customers in 2008.
  • TVA also has achieved outstanding performance in two key reliability factors:
    • Customer Connection Point Interruptions, in which TVA achieved the best rate in its history, and
    • Load Not Served, a measure of the frequency and magnitude of outages. TVA has been characterized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as having a culture of reliability.

Valley Incentive Programs

The local power company and TVA offer a unique range of economic incentives that will benefit your project from start-up to long-term success in the Valley. Valley Incentive Programs consider both economic and power system metrics to create a profile of your company’s value to the region, and that, in turn, determines appropriate funding levels. Our goal is to treat you like a VIP by demonstrating concrete benefits now and for multiple years into the future.

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