Customer and Shared Service Centers

Customer and shared service centers

Customer service companies have discovered the benefits of combining
East Tennessee hospitality and the region's high-bandwidth telecommunications

With more than 10,000 employees, this sector is a major economic cluster
in the region particularly in finance, insurance, sales, technical services and
healthcare.  These companies are thriving with:

  • 65,000 college and university students
  • workforce available for non-traditional hours
  • state of the art training at
    • The University of Tennessee main campus
    • 4 community colleges
    • 9 four-year colleges
    • universities with multiple campuses
  • advanced communications infrastructure that supports the Oak Ridge
    National laboratory available to companies    
  • availability of redundant fiber and electric power
  • competitive labor costs
  • availability of direct flights to major cities
  • exceptionally attractive cost of living
  • outstanding quality of life

65,000 College Students
Low Cost of Living
Talent Pool